Roundtable Speakers

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Day 1 - Sunday, April 22nd

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Steph Hinds



Creating Leaders in an Industry Dominated by Committees

About The Session

The accounting industry has traditionally been discussed as “firms,” not businesses. Most firms are still run by a committee and don’t have a CEO or leader at the helm. With the changing nature of the profession and the fast pace of technology disrupting the industry, how do we ensure our business models are evolving at the same speed? This session will focus on how to develop strong leaders and bulletproof business models in your accounting firm to move your company forward.

About Steph

Steph Hinds is an accountant, technologist, and founder of Growthwise, an accounting firm in Newcastle, Australia. She’s on a mission to help accountants collaborate and learn from each other to ultimately shape the future of the industry.

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Tom Hood

Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA)


What is a Trusted Advisor? Why all Accountants Must Become Proactive Consultants

About The Session

The hard trends of technology, demographics, and regulations are transforming the CPA profession – some say we won’t even recognize accounting firms in five years. What skills will be needed in this age of artificial intelligence and big data? What about the skills needed to be proactive, anticipatory, trusted advisors? This session will cover the latest trends in learning and training and how the best firms are turning this into a competitive advantage.

About Tom

Tom Hood has been named one of the top three most influential people in the US Accounting profession for the past five years in Accounting Today’s annual Top 100 list. He’s on a mission to prepare CPAs for the future, and is known for not only glimpsing into the future, but bringing it back to the present to serve as its “tireless, inspiring, and effective champion.”

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Adam Grainger

Baker Tilly International

Director of IT & Projects

Closing the Expectations Gap: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Reality, not Science Fiction

About The Session

The terms ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ have become common parlance, but there’s still confusion about what to expect from these solutions. This "Expectations Gap" between a user’s expectation of what an ML/AI service can do versus what those services actually provide causes disappointment and resentment, which often results in giving up. Join this session to discuss and debate how to reduce the expectations gap, as well as dive into actual usages of ML and AI that can be applied to accounting firms today.

About Adam

Adam Grainger is the Director of IT and Projects for a network of accounting and advisory firms across 140 countries. His vision is to help the accounting network stay at the forefront of technology by utilizing the tools and resources that are available now, as well as preparing for those that will be coming in the near and long term.

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Tina Gregory

Early Growth Financial Services

Systems Manager and Consulting Controller

Establishing Client Delight from Onboarding to Graduation

About The Session

It’s not enough to just be good at accounting; firms need to impress clients every step of the way, from acquiring new clients to inspiring current ones. This session will cover how to engage and delight clients throughout the entire process, from starting off strong to building a successful roadmap and managing a steady workload. Come ready to discuss integrated client management and how to create systems to attract, retain, and go above and beyond for your clients to increase loyalty and enhance the experience for both you and your clients.

About Tina

Tina Gregory is an operations, marketing, and financial manager at Early Growth Financial Services, focused on enabling growing businesses to develop to their full potential and capitalize on inherent resources. With extensive experience training dynamic teams, Tina has worked with clients ranging from manufacturing to software.

Day 2 - Monday, April 23rd

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Lauren Kaplan

Nomad Financial


The War for Talent in the Age of the Millennial Workforce

About The Session

Millennials are known as the generation of immediate gratification, investment in travel and experiences, and little loyalty to companies or brands. Some argue that this generation brings fresh perspective and faster iteration to our ever-changing world, while others only see entitlement, a lack of emotional resilience, and little desire to work hard. But love them or hate them, millennials are key to the future of our businesses. How do we build company cultures that attract millennials, push them to their full potential, and keep them from jumping ship every couple of years?

About Lauren

With more than a decade of experience helping high-growth companies scale their business operations, Lauren currently focuses on the “People” side of operations as COO of Nomad Financial. With the mantra that, “When teammates are happy, clients are happy,” Lauren helps automate time-consuming admin tasks to allow her team to focus on client relationships and technical finance expertise.

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Jim Boomer

Boomer Consulting


Fostering Collaboration Among Cloud Vendors, Partners, and Customers

About The Session

As firms leverage the ecosystem of cloud technologies to deliver new services, many are facing the same challenges and limits to scaling their business. On-boarding and training are always a challenge, but the list goes on. This session will explore the topic of improving the collaboration between cloud vendors to enhance and streamline processes in order to accelerate the rate of innovation in the cloud ecosystem.

About Jim

Jim Boomer is an expert on implementing and managing technology within an accounting firm. He serves as the director of the Boomer Technology Circles, the Advisor Circle, and the CIO Circle, and also acts as a strategic planning and technology consultant to CPA firms across the country.

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Chris Frame



How Focusing on People can Build a Multi-Million Dollar Accounting Firm (Even Without an Office!)

About The Session

In five years, LiveCA has grown from two people who met on the internet to a team of fifty tackling accounting issues for some of Canada's largest tech companies. With no office, a lot of Zoom accounts, and a heavy focus on tech, LiveCA was the first Xero Platinum Partner in Canada and is the country's first officially recognized virtual training office with CPA Canada. Join their COO, Chris Frame, as he walks through the mindset and technological shifts it took to get them where they are today.

About Chris

After working at the Canada Revenue Agency as an auditor and electronic accounting data specialist for years, Chris Frame was itching to work for an organization focused on change, advancement, and innovation. He joined LiveCA in 2014 and now ensures a seamless transition for all clients as LiveCA’s COO.

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Trent Innes


Managing Director, Australia

Growing in All Directions: From Scaling Internationally to Expanding Service Offerings

About The Session

Scaling a business always comes with unexpected challenges. Whether you’re scaling from 40 to 400 employees, expanding internationally, or branching out to different service offerings, chances are you’ve run into a few speed bumps along the way. Join Trent as he discusses the lessons learned from Xero’s experience expanding to new markets and discuss what you can do to ensure success as your business grows.

About Trent

Trent began his career as a practicing accountant and saw firsthand the impact that technology has on growing businesses. With more than 20 years of experience managing both accounting and IT businesses, Trent is an expert on building high-performing cultures that accelerate fast-growing cloud solutions. He is now Managing Director at Xero Australia, developing the team to better help small businesses thrive in Australia.


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ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

Puneet Lath


Product & Success Coach Lead

About Puneet

As employee number eight at Expensify, Puneet has played a crucial role in growing the product, customer success, and sales teams at Expensify. Given his experience working with customers of all sizes, Puneet is uniquely positioned to drive product improvements based on real customer needs. When Puneet’s not designing Expensify’s next feature, you can find him riding his motorcycle along Route 1 or spending time with his pups.