April 21-25, 2018

ExpensiCon II: Bora Bora

ExpensiCon is an invite-only retreat where industry leaders gather to share their visions for the future. This year is full of even more incredible content, keynotes, networking sessions — all in one spectacular location.

2016’s speakers in Maui included industry powerhouses like Rod Drury, CEO of Xero, Deb Defer, BSO Managing Director at BDO USA LLP, and Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets. 2018 is shaping up to be just as incredible.


What past ExpensiCon attendees are saying...

“The keynotes at the event were fantastic. Expensify has attracted some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve been around the accounting software world for a long time. David Barrett in particular has a vision that is just incredible.”

Doug Sleeter
Founder of Sleeter Group

“The overall international engagement between leaders in the accounting world was one of the biggest values of attending ExpensiCon for me. Since the event, I have collaborated with several ExpensiCon attendees in joint customer projects, and have kept communication channels continually open. There is lots of change within the accounting profession and it is happening quickly — ExpensiCon is one of the must-go to events to keep your finger on the pulse.”

Matt Flanagan
Director at BlueHub Solutions, Ltd

“Since ExpensiCon is such a select group of people, we had much more time to get to know each other than at a regular accounting conference. Those of us who had never met before were able to sit and network together, which has been an invaluable resource.”

Laura Redmond
CEO of Redmond Accounting

“To see what Expensify was able to do for its first conference was pretty amazing. Great location, great people, great partners, and all the big thought leaders. It’s was amazing to be able to converse and network with a lot of people in the industry. ExpensiCon was a fantastic event!”

Ryan McAllister
Channel Sales Leader at Intuit

“It was great to meet Matt Rissell during the networking sessions, and hear the story of how he came to create TSheets. That’s what all these companies that are at ExpensiCon are about — creating solutions to solve a pain point for a small business owner’s everyday life. You really get to see people’s dreams and visions for their business come to fruition at an event like this.”

Arthur Garcia
Director of National Accounts - Americas at Xero

“The inaugural ExpensiCon was amazing! The time spent with the team from Expensify and other thought leaders in the accounting profession was invaluable. Having the chance to share a bit about BDO's story, make suggestions regarding future product enhancements during the workshops, and to learn more about the Expensify journey from David Barrett were the key takeaways for me. I'm Super excited to see what’s next at ExpensiCon II!”

Deb Defer
BSO Managing Director at BDO USA